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Turn to family and locally owned Adams Automotive for highly dependable car repair services. We offer the best alternator and starter repair and rebuild service in Tucson, Arizona and the surrounding areas since 1969.

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Comprehensive Alternator Services

Your car's alternator works by charging the car's battery when it's losing power. Whenever you need your car checked, visit our repair shop and we'll check the following:
  • Car charging system - our technicians check your car's batteries, cables, alternator, and others.
  • Drive belts
  • Alternator output - our technicians will test the alternator output to ensure that it functions properly
We'll also check for symptoms whether you need your alternator serviced:
  • Dead battery or battery won’t hold a charge - even after a jump and driving around town
  • Dim or dimming lights
  • Battery warning light is on - if you see this light in your car's dashboard, take it in for an inspection!
Our master technicians can easily handle all major and minor repairs on your car's alternator. Contact us today!
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Complete Starter Services

Unlike the alternator, the starter converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. By using the electricity from the battery to start the crankshaft turn, your starter gets your car going. Bad starters mean trouble! It means that your engine will not crank properly. It can also mean a stranded car.

Visit us if you need the following inspected:
  • Starter and ignition switch
  • Test power
  • Starter removal or replacement, if needed
  • Starter relay, battery, supply cables, and grounds inspection
Here are some symptoms that may indicate you need your starter serviced:
  • Car does not start or starts intermittently when turning the ignition key
  • Loud clicks without the engine starting
  • Starter operation makes noise
Not all car repair services are the same! Drop by Adams Automotive at 2021 S 4th Ave today!
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